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This strength might not be enough in some applications. So the used different types of high tensile bolts such as the high tensile stud bolt made up of high tensile strength materials. The stud bolt has a stud attached to it for better driving into the surface. The ease of tightening of the bolt is possible with the high tensile hex head bolts because they could easily be fitted with hex keys. There are also other types of high tensile bolts to be fitted in engine parts and components where inserting an ordinary key is not possible. The high tensile allen bolts can be easily inserted into narrow spaces with an allen key which doesn’t hold the bolt head on the outside, but rather to the inner circle of the bolt head. The high tension bolt comes in different sizes ranging from M2 through M100 with lengths ranging from 6mm to 500mm. There are also different grades of the High Tensile bolts ranging from 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 and so on. Please feel free to contact us for more information on the high tensile bolts and prices.

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High Tensile Hex Bolts Manufacturers

High Tensile Nut Bolt Manufacturers In India, Supplies A Full Range Of High Tensile Nuts At Factory Price In India

High Tensile Bolts Manufacturers In India, Carries A Complete Line Of High Tensile Bolts, High Tensile Stud In Surat, India

Bolts are fasteners which are externally threaded and are designed for driving holes through the assembled parts. These fasteners can be either tightened or released by torqueing a nut. High Tensile Stud Manufacturer produce these bolts from high strength carbon steel or from tempered alloy steel.

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As compared to conventional bolts, these high strength fasteners have an increased strength roughly of about 25% to 50% more.Tensile strength of an alloy or metal is also referred to as its ultimate tensile strength or UTS. This tensile strength  refers to the maximum amount of stress a bolt can withstand before it fails in its performance. When stress is added to an industrial fastener past their tensile strength, these fasteners may not only fail, but  the added stress may cause the fastener to break as well.

The amount of stress each fastener is able to withstand is defined by its grade. The grade of the fastener or bolt is measured using force per unit area. For example, an 8.8 grade high tensile bolt can withstand a stress of 45 to 49.9 metric tonnes for each 6.45 cm².

Since these High Tensile Bolts and fixings have a higher tensile strength in comparison to a regular bolt, they are much more popular and are used in many applications.Many high tensile bolts or fasteners that are available in the market are a blackish coloured alloy. This black colour is a defining characteristic that occurs by the process of creating these strong bolts by the High Tensile Bolts Manufacturers In India. But, when High Tensile Nut Bolt Manufacturers In India want to offer their customers high quality industrial grade fasteners, they tend to go beyond the black coloured ally and consider selling the suppliers with bolts that have been processed by zinc plating.

Zinc by itself is a powerful type of plating used on high tensile bolts. It is extremely popular because it tends to enhance the characteristics of these High Tensile Bolts . This type of Zinc plating comes with many benefits, for instance, superior corrosion resistance. Besides its corrosion resistance, these high tensile strength bolts offer protection against white oxidation spots, which may develop over time if the bolts are exposed to moisture.

Apart from these features, Zinc plated High Tensile Bolts are extremely economical.


High Tensile Fasteners Material

Nominal Size Range
Class 8.8: Medium carbon steel, quenched and tempered
Class 10.9: Alloy steel, quenched and tempered
Class 12.9: Alloy steel, quenched and tempered


High Tensile Fasteners Specification

High Tensile Fasteners Grades
Grade 10.9, Grade 8.8, DIN 933 Grade 12.9
High Tensile Fasteners Standard
IS 1364 / IS 1363 & DIN EN ISO 4014 & 4017 DIN 931 / 933
High Tensile Fasteners Size
Dia M 20 to 100 mm
Inch 3/4 to 3.1/2
High Tensile Fasteners finish
Zinc plated / Plain / Hot dip galvanised


Price of High Tensile Bolts
High Tensile Fasteners Price List
Price Per Pcs.
High Tensile Machine bolts price
USD $5.10
High Tensile Hex head bolts price
USD $6.05
High Tensile Socket Head Cap Screw price
USD $3.10
High Tensile Screws price
USD $3.70
High Tensile Dowel Pins price
USD $1.20
High Tensile Allen bolts price
USD $4.25
High Tensile Washer price
USD $1.00
High Tensile Nuts price
USD $1.45
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